The Victory of Adwa

The Victory of Adwa is a Living Emblem Of our Unity and of our Liberty!!!

Background To the Battle of Adwa

The European Super Powers, at the conference they held in 1884 in Berlin - Germany, by leaving aside their disagreement that surfaced among them, they arrived at a consensus to invade the entire continent and divide it among themselves to the extent their power allowed them to do so. Based on this agreement, they continued consolidating their grip over their territories throughout the continent. They soon started to advance their colonial ambitions first by sending their envoys (missionaries) under the cover of religion, and then through direct and flagrant military occupation as well as by putting in place different other mechanisms. In a manner suitable to impose their colonial rule over the countries they seized by force, they further continued expanding their positions by creating new territorial boundaries and by providing names to their colonies, favorable to their colonial objectives. The then European Super Powers having agreed that Ethiopia becomes a colony of Italy; some expressed their consent to the Italian government officially and others in secret. Italy then began consolidating its military might to occupy Ethiopia with a spirit of pompousness showing disrespect to the latter.

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